"The Atlantic was born today and I'll tell you how: the clouds above opened up and let it out.. I need you so much closer."

Hello my darlings, thank you so much for your lovely comments.
I've been so busy lately.. I work 5 times  a week in the afternoon and evening and I spend the nights studying for my exams. I'm also taking care of a 10 months old puppy, Ian. He's staying over at my place because his owners hit him. I'm trying to find him a new, wonderful family but I have to confess I completely adore him. I've always been more of a dog person, but I also pretty like cats.

I've spent too much money this week, I feel so guilty! I bought some blazers at H&M on Saturday and I spent a fortune on a Chanel bronzer and a Ysl lipstick yesterday. Oh, and I've also bought some books. I wanna try to save some money for travelling. I would like to visit Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Canada, Belgium and San Francisco. I was quite young when I started travelling and this helped me a lot to become the person I am today. I spent 2 months in New Jersey in 2006, 4 months in the Uk in 2007 and 2 months in Miami in 2010. They have been great experiences and I was lucky to visit wonderful places. I don't like spending my holidays sunbathing on the beach all day long.. I know a lot of people like it, but I just don't understand it. I think it's just a waste of money. 

I hope you'll love this pictures as much as I do. I've always preferred pictures to words, that's probably the reason why I ended up studying Art. I think they can tell a lot more than what words do. 



  1. I love the pictures :) So sweet that you are looking after a little dog! I'm a dog person too but wouldn't be able to give one back up!

    You have a lovely blog! I'm following you!

    Nikki – inspire nordic

    1. Thank you so much, Nikky. I'm following you!

  2. Hi! I really like your blog so I nominated you in Award. check out my blog

    1. Aleva, thank you so much.. it's such a honor for me! I'm following you and thank you again!

  3. Aww, I hope you have time to relax as well! Your life sounds pretty manic at the moment. These images are lovely - great collection

  4. Your blog is so pretty <3 these images are lovely too! I've been spending far too much money at the moment as well.. Travelling is always wonderful, I am always saving up to do more! x x

  5. Great blog! I nominated you for the versatile blogger award.... go to my blog for more details :)

    Eva x