"The air runs out, the captain's first so we take to memories and layers of clothes"

Deer Dearest 

                                           Lots of velvet, polkadots and palm trees.

                                 Some of my favourite Lulas and Vogues.

                                   Ian loves sun.

                                     I love this picture. I bought it in Paris almost five years ago.

                                    In everybody's room there's a bit of Ikea.

                                         In my opinion, one of the best movies ever.

                              Deer dearest pt.2

                              Precious memories.

My dear girls,
last time I wrote here was exactly 364 days ago. I must be the worst blogger ever, really.
But I love this little place so much and I really want to take care of it  from now on. Hope you'll still follow me.
Do you remember the dog I talked you about? Well, he's still with me! He's name's Ian and I deeply love him, I'm posting post a picture of him (in addition to the ones of my bedroom) so you all can see his lovely face!


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  1. what a lovely collection of photos, Ian is gorgeous, my friend has a similar pooch ;) xx