"Sometimes I breath you in and I know you know. And sometimes you take a swim, found your writing on my wall."

Hope you're loving these pictures as much as I do.


"Don't rack up my mistakes, I know exactly what they are. And what do you do? Well you just sit there". My bedroom pt. 2 + spring/summer shoes

Hello Darlings,
these are some pictures from my bedroom. I'm living with two housemates at the moment and I have to admit that I'm so happy about not living with my parents anymore. I deeply love them, but I'm nearly 25 and it's much better this way.
I'm so glad that spring has finally arrived! It's been so warm and sunny.. I really appreciate these days as summer ones are far too hot here. And now it's all about pretty dresses and sandals..this means it's time for shopping! I'm desperately craving some nice shoes, not necessarily sandals.
Ok, I have already found what works for me.. anything from Mishka ss13! But I don't know where to purchase them (maybe only at opening ceremony) and then they are quite expensive.. but how perfect are they? These are my favourites:

Aren't they wonderful? Anyway, I've also found some others that I really like, here they are:








What do you think about these? Which pair would you suggest? I usually end up buying tan or off white summer shoes as they help to elongate my short legs.. in cold months I have my holy opaque tights so black shoes are great but for spring or summer I prefer lighter colours. Consistency mustn't be my biggest quality as I would buy Mishka Liliana shoes in black right now!



"And you didn't even notice when the sky turned blue.. you are the bluest light". Outfit post.

Dress: vintage  Shirt:Asos  Boots: Alexa Chung for Madewell

Dress: vintage  shirt: Asos

Hello darlings,
I know these pictures are quite bad (and I look hunched in the first one) but I hope you like the outfit.
I'm totally in love with the swan shirt, its print is so sweet and the colour it's just perfect.
I also deeply adore the Zowie boots from the Alexa Chung for Madewell collection, they are so comfy and they also keep your feet warm. I paid them a lot but they're worth every penny.

Are you ready for spring? I am, even if here it's still quite cold and rainy so I'm still wearing my winter clothes. What are your spring must haves? For me it's all about Barbour Bedale jacket, pretty dresses and blouses. Here's my favourite spring 2013 catwalk looks, what are yours?
Love, Fle






Karen Walker


Steven Alan




"The air runs out, the captain's first so we take to memories and layers of clothes"

Deer Dearest 

                                           Lots of velvet, polkadots and palm trees.

                                 Some of my favourite Lulas and Vogues.

                                   Ian loves sun.

                                     I love this picture. I bought it in Paris almost five years ago.

                                    In everybody's room there's a bit of Ikea.

                                         In my opinion, one of the best movies ever.

                              Deer dearest pt.2

                              Precious memories.

My dear girls,
last time I wrote here was exactly 364 days ago. I must be the worst blogger ever, really.
But I love this little place so much and I really want to take care of it  from now on. Hope you'll still follow me.
Do you remember the dog I talked you about? Well, he's still with me! He's name's Ian and I deeply love him, I'm posting post a picture of him (in addition to the ones of my bedroom) so you all can see his lovely face!