"She sticks up for you when you get aggravation from the snobs cause you can't afford a blazer, girl you’re always wearing clogs"

Hi my darlings,
have you spent a nice weekend? Mine hasn't been great, I had a car crash on Friday night because of the snow. I'm fine, just some neck ache. But my poor car has to be fixed and it's gonna take about 1 week.
Hope you like these inspiring pics: Isn't Arizona Muse beautiful? What do you think about her pics in Self Service magazine? I think they are simply amazing.
And what about big hair?
I'm totally in love with the pink jumper in the last picture: I'm not a big fan of pink but this is so nice!

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"It's like a slide in my eyes" today's outfit

Shirt: H&M    Dress: Vintage    Belt: Asos    Loafers: Topshop   Necklaces: Accessorize and Ebay

Hi everyone,
this is my today's outfit! What do you think about it? I'm sorry for wearing the leopard print belt again,
but doesn't it look pretty with the dress?
I love chambray shirts and I often wear them. They are perfect with everything and i love the colour.
The dress is lovely and keeps me very warm..maybe it's a little bit too short so i only wear it with black tights.
Loafers.. I adore them. These are from Topshop and are so, so comfy. I bought them on ebay some months ago paying a silly price, something like £10. I buy a lot of stuff on ebay. Sadly, here in Italy, we only have Zara and H&M and vintage shops or thrift ones aren't so popoular. This is the reason why I mostly buy on ebay uk or in London. I think London, Stockolm and New York are great cities for shopping but, in my opinion, London is just the best. What do you think about it? Where do you usually buy your clothes and accessories?



Today's Outfit - I'll be the polkadot type

Blouse: vintage   Cardigan:  my boyfriend's granma    Bow brooch: vintage    Watch: my granpa
Shorts: Topshop   Ankle boots: New Look

Hi everyone..
here's my today's outfit!
God, my hair looks horrible..I think it's time to have it cut!
I was thinking about style icons today.. do you have one? I know i'm boring but I guess mine is Alexa Chung. She seems to be everybody's style icon lately but the girl really has a great sense of style.
However, I'm aware she's not a good style icon for me..she's so tall and skinny and I'm short and pretty curvy: what looks good on her usually looks awful on me.
I also look up to Anna Karina, Monica Vitti, Françoise Hardy, Jane Birkin, Lou Dillon and Sofia Coppola: I like women who are creative and with a strong personality.
 I also take inspiration from artists and movies: I suggest you should take a look at Alex Prager's photos and short films. Then there are Edward Hopper's stylish women with lovely 30s tea dresses and there are wonderful movies such as "A letters to three wives" by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, "Il deserto rosso" by M. Antonioni (starring a wonderful Monica Vitti), "Annie Hall" by W. Allen, "The royal Tenenbaums" by W. Anderson (Gwyneth Paltrow is great here),"Bringing up Baby" by H. Hawks, "The Virgin Suicides" by Sofia Coppola, "Grand Hotel" by E. Goulding ( I'm so in love with Greta Garbo),
"Une femme est une femme" by J.L. Godard and "A single man" by T. Ford (I adore Julianne Moore and Colin Firth).
Where do you usually take style inspiration from?



NOWNESS.com presents: Alex Prager's "Despair" featuring Bryce Dallas Howard

What do you think of this short movie? Alex Prager is one of my favourite artists, her works are so inspiring.


Today's outfit

Dress: New Look    Belt: Asos   Shirt: Vintage   Jumper: Benetton - Vintage  Brooch: ebay, 
Watch: Citron - vintage   Brogues: Office   Red Lipstick: Mac Chili

here's my today's outfit.
I love velvet dresses, I love wearing them in autumn or in winter. They are comfortable, they keep you warm and, in my opinion, they are lovely! The dress I'm wearing in these pics is from New Look and it's a size 16. It is supposed to be a body-con dress but I honestly hate this kind of dresses, so I went for a big size and this is how it fits.
As I have already mentioned, I am in love with peter pan collars, they are so nice and I like showing them under jumpers.
I'm also obsessed with bow brooches, I'm always looking for them on ebay. And what about Lea Stein fox brooch? It's quite expensive, but it's so nice!
The brogues are from Office and I often wear them.
During cold months I usually wear loafers, flat chelsea ankle boots, Topshop Allegra ankle boots and brogues. In summer I live in espadrillas, which are so cheap and comfy! I don't like wearing stilettos but I adore block heels.

Red lipstick is one of my favourite make up products. When it comes to make up, for me it's all about red or nude lipstick and eyeliner. The one I'm wearing in the pics is from Mac and it's called Chili. This is a great shade, it's a brick red, which is perfect for my yellow-toned skin. I usually don't wear it in summer: In my opinion, the best red lipstick for summer months is Nars heat wave. It's quite orangey but it's very flattering.
What about your favourite beauty products?



"Do I have? Of course I have, beneath my raincoat, I have your photographs."

Some inspiring pictures.


My last, lovely purchase.

Hello darlings,
what do you think about my last purchase? I'm completely in love with these vintage Bally sandals!
Sadly, i won't be able to wear them until summer but when i saw them, I just couldn't resist.
I own lots of clothes and accessories but they're never enough. I don't buy expensive stuff, I'm a student and I just cannot afford them. Well, I wish I could. I usually buy from vintage shops, vintage markets, ebay and Topshop. And i dream of Chloé, Carven, Chanel, A.P.C , Charles Anastase, Marc Jacobs and Mulberry.
There's no harm in dreaming and then pictures from fashion shows are so inspiring, aren't they?
What do you think about  Louis Vuitton S/S 2012 fashion show? Wasn't it so dreamy?


"And you better bring a change of clothes so we can sail our laughing pianos along a beam of light"

Miss Dior chérie for spring and summer, Hypnotic poison for winter and autumn.

Amélie Nothomb is my favourite writer. Her books mean a lot to me. "Mercure" is just great.
In my opinion, Edward Hopper is one of the best artists. I like how his works tell us stories.
Verdena is my favourite music band. They are italian and sing in Italian but I hope you'll love them.
If you want to listen to them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_wFx4TKNbI&ob=av2e
I'm completely in love with vintage blouses, Radiohead, polka dots and classic chambray shirts. 
Oh, and peter pan collars too. They are just lovely, aren't they?

This is me. Picture was taken by a friend of mine.

 Welcome to "A luminarium between us".
 This is where i'll share my thoughts, pictures, outfits and inspirations .

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