"It's like a slide in my eyes" today's outfit

Shirt: H&M    Dress: Vintage    Belt: Asos    Loafers: Topshop   Necklaces: Accessorize and Ebay

Hi everyone,
this is my today's outfit! What do you think about it? I'm sorry for wearing the leopard print belt again,
but doesn't it look pretty with the dress?
I love chambray shirts and I often wear them. They are perfect with everything and i love the colour.
The dress is lovely and keeps me very warm..maybe it's a little bit too short so i only wear it with black tights.
Loafers.. I adore them. These are from Topshop and are so, so comfy. I bought them on ebay some months ago paying a silly price, something like £10. I buy a lot of stuff on ebay. Sadly, here in Italy, we only have Zara and H&M and vintage shops or thrift ones aren't so popoular. This is the reason why I mostly buy on ebay uk or in London. I think London, Stockolm and New York are great cities for shopping but, in my opinion, London is just the best. What do you think about it? Where do you usually buy your clothes and accessories?



  1. Adore the specks in the jumper. Whereabouts in Italy do you live? Followed your beautiful blog and placing it on my links in a second, because the name is just too good to be kept a secret ;) x


  2. Hi, thank you so much for your lovely comment and thank you for following! I live in the north of Italy.. pretty near to Milan and Bologna. xx