Today's Outfit - I'll be the polkadot type

Blouse: vintage   Cardigan:  my boyfriend's granma    Bow brooch: vintage    Watch: my granpa
Shorts: Topshop   Ankle boots: New Look

Hi everyone..
here's my today's outfit!
God, my hair looks horrible..I think it's time to have it cut!
I was thinking about style icons today.. do you have one? I know i'm boring but I guess mine is Alexa Chung. She seems to be everybody's style icon lately but the girl really has a great sense of style.
However, I'm aware she's not a good style icon for me..she's so tall and skinny and I'm short and pretty curvy: what looks good on her usually looks awful on me.
I also look up to Anna Karina, Monica Vitti, Françoise Hardy, Jane Birkin, Lou Dillon and Sofia Coppola: I like women who are creative and with a strong personality.
 I also take inspiration from artists and movies: I suggest you should take a look at Alex Prager's photos and short films. Then there are Edward Hopper's stylish women with lovely 30s tea dresses and there are wonderful movies such as "A letters to three wives" by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, "Il deserto rosso" by M. Antonioni (starring a wonderful Monica Vitti), "Annie Hall" by W. Allen, "The royal Tenenbaums" by W. Anderson (Gwyneth Paltrow is great here),"Bringing up Baby" by H. Hawks, "The Virgin Suicides" by Sofia Coppola, "Grand Hotel" by E. Goulding ( I'm so in love with Greta Garbo),
"Une femme est une femme" by J.L. Godard and "A single man" by T. Ford (I adore Julianne Moore and Colin Firth).
Where do you usually take style inspiration from?



  1. Really lovely outfit, the skirt looks adorable !

  2. Thank you, darling! xx

  3. you are so beatiful :-) we would be very happy if you were a new member our blog :-)